Remove the Confederate Statue from the Ellis County Courthouse

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This statue was erected in 1912 to uphold the legacy of racism that the Confederacy represented. It's not a symbol of heritage or pride, but is actually a painful reminder of hatred and division — and it's time to take it down.

For those who honor the American flag: your allegiance is hypocritical when you honor the Confederacy, its most blatant enemy.

For those who support the "Lost Cause of the Confederacy:" instead, take up the living cause of brotherhood and equality between all Americans.

For those who cling to the history of the South: fight for a better future of unity, strength, and love, not a dead past of insurrection, weakness, and hatred.

For those who support Confederate statues out of respect for their ancestors who wore the Gray: many of us who support tearing down these statues had ancestors who fought, too. Rise above them and their misdeeds.

No justice and no peace can be said to exist until the statue is torn down and put in a history museum, where it belongs. It is a symbol of a regressive and abhorrent past, and a better future can only come about when it is removed.

Please sign and forward to anyone who lives in Ellis County, Texas.