Fully fund Early Start!

By investing in California's infants and toddlers at risk of a developmental disability, or showing a developmental delay, their lives can be changed, and their need for a lifetime of state-funded services can be reduced... or even eliminated!

The 2009 budget cuts saved the state money by denying these children early interventions. But those unaddressed needs only grow, and un-served infants and toddlers grow up to be children eligible for life-long services. A few years of savings lead to a lifetime of costs.

Renew Early Start, and reinvest in California's most vulnerable children, by restoring funding!

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  • State Senator
    Ellen Corbett
  • State Senator
    Mimi Walters
  • State Representative
    Allan Mansoor
  • State Representative
    Shannon Grove
  • State Representative
    Wesley Chesbro
  • State Representative
    Roger Dickinson
  • State Senator
    Bill Monning
  • Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1
    Assemblymember Shirley Weber
  • Lark Park

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