NS SPCA Cares for Animals & ABUSES Staff/Volunteers!

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I'm sure you've heard lots of great things about the important work that the NS SPCA provides for animals in need. It's true! There are many very dedicated & compassionate people who work & volunteer with the society. 

BUT....there are unseen & very troubling things happening within the NSSPCA province wide; it's employee bullying, wrongful dismissal, racism, secrets, lies, no job security and harassment! How can employees do their job effectively when immediate supervisors and management are causing PLUS knowingly ignoring issues!? It's all about them keeping a good public image!

NS SPCA CEO, Elizabeth Murphy, knows all about the details regarding several bullying/harassment incidents, however, chooses to 'brush them off'!  I've submitted specific evidence to her, which she's chosen to down-play & ignore, resulting in no changes. My immediate supervisor, at the Kings SPCA branch, is responsible for ALL of my experiences with bullying, lobbying to have me laid off & harassment!! And she also has bullied others & has never been held accountable! Is that the kind of people the NS SPCA wants to continue to employ? She needs to be fired!

I was aburptly laid off from my part time position at the Kings shelter in October 2018 (from apparent 'shortage of work') & have since been fighting for my basic human rights. I'm heartbroken & shocked; I absolutely loved & took great pride in my job (minas being bullied)

I was denied a hearing to fight for my job, by CEO Elizabeth Murphy, which violates their own policy that's supposed to allow an employee the right to a hearing. AND only 24hrs prior to my lay off, a job opening was posted/advertised for a position that I'd been doing the past 3yrs! I wasn't even offered the opportunity to apply for this job opening! Wrongful termination!

During my 3 dedicated years of volunteering & then working with the SPCA Kings branch, I suffered from AND witnessed harassment & bullying. For the privacy of my remaining co-workers/friends I don't want to elaborate on specific bullying incidents, but I have plenty of proof!

I have reached out to the Labour Board, who tell me there are no laws to address my situation & I've reached out to the Human Rights Commission. I also participated in a CBC Maritime Noon radio discussion on workplace bullying, with Valerie Cade, which aired Jan. 9/19. 

My sincere plea is for you to join me in holding the NS SPCA accountable & to encourage them to fire the management responsible! Please speak out about your own experiences within the society; I know there are more of you out there. There desperately needs to be accountability!

We can NOT allow a toxic work environment to continue within the NS SPCA! Employees MUST be looked after in order for them to look after the animals who are in need!

We all have the right to work in a safe setting, free from harassment, intimidation, targeted lay offs, coercion and bullying! I was not provided this kind of a work environment from this seemingly trusting society. These issues I've mentioned are just the 'tip of the iceberg' of wrong-doings within the NS SPCA! 

***I encourage those who've gone through anything remotely similar in NSSPCA to speak up!! Please comment here or search me on Facebook. I've personally already heard from several people who have voluntarily reached out & shared their stories & are willing and eager to put an end to this!***

Please share this with your family, coworkers & friends! The media is involved to assist in shining a spotlight on this disgusting situation. I'm not saying to avoid adopting, volunteering & donating to them BUT new management is needed immediately!

*PLEASE email your concerns directly to NS SPCA management: info@spcans.ca OR emurphy@spcans.ca 


Thank you in advance very much. #saynotobullyingNSSPCA #firethebully