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Lets tell Elizabeth II to Ban seal slaughtering in canada

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Hello please sign our petition this is not my petition but yes "our" petition.
Welcome everyone my name is Danisa i live in rhode island in the usa. I have always wanted to help these creatures in some way i have watched the deaths of these poor baby seals when i was about 12 and it was heart wrenching for me seeing these poor seals crying and suffering these sometimes slow painful deaths alot of these babies have to watch their own mothers die with no chance of escape.
we are here to tell queen Elizabeth II & Companies that are selling seal products to stop selling seal products and tell Queen Elizabeth II to do Something, anything actually. with many attempts these seals are still dying every single day.

Also We have to ask and try to get 

  • Elizabeth II
  • Prada
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Birger Christensen
  • New Vogue
  • Terra Nova
  • Canomega
  • Bay Shore
  • Blue Royal
  • Breakwater
  • Brunswick
  • Cape Cod
  • Canadian Cove
  • Century Seafoods
  • Fisherman's Finest
  • Fishery Products
  • International (FPI)
  • Fogo Island
  • Harbour View
  • Northland
  • Notre Dame Seafoods
  • Ocean Choice
  • Ocean Elite
  • Ocean Leader
  • Ocean Queen
  • Ocean select  to to something To Stop or even minimize Seal marketing and stop selling fur and meat to the public.

in between 2001 - 2005 over 1 million seals were reported killed. Each year thousands of seals are being slaughtered for their fur and Even meat.
they die a long and agonizing death. babies who havent ate their first solid meal and have not even learned how to swim are being skinned alive, shot, etc they usually now hook live seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the fur, then they drag the seals across the bloody hard ice then are thrown into there ships or canoes. canada is such a great country but this cruel madness is making people eye Canada like it's a horrible place. these cute seals wont last very long in Canada's eyes we need to work together and stop this once and for all. we have to make this known and we have to accomplish something. we need to let them know we want them to stop hurting animals that we share our homes and lands with all kinds of animals. These seals are weak and thats why they are a target these beautiful animals haven't done anything to anyone they are so kind and friendly.
Lets help these seals. lets let them live a happy long life with their mothers and their mothers with their babies. lets be able to say we have done something for the helpless seals.  

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