Say No to Incarceration on Child Support!!!

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Try to picture this situation... You are ordered to pay a substantial amount in Child support while being employed and making a decent income. Then abruptly you are terminated. You begin to struggle to find a job which allows you to earn at the same potential as you previously start to fall behind because you are unable to even obtain a job, you lose your place to live, everything dwindling away...your have been denied by the custodial parent of even visiting with your now have lost everything. You have no money to fight for your rights...several months pass and BAM you are summoned to "civil court" for your debt of child support. You are flat broke can't afford legal are sent to jail for 3 months...this begins a never ending torment and imprisonment every 6 months or are unaware of your rights or of what to do to get out of this one wants to hire are unaware that you can request a review of your child support so that your payments may be lowered..your DEBT continues to STILL are being denied any visition or communication with your children... Now to present are currently sitting in jail for yet another 6 month sentence...going on year number 4 of being denied your children. You are depressed, you are lost, you are alone in your fight. This could be YOU! But it's not you, it is my fiance. It is time we stand up and get rid of this debtors imprisonment which was abolished in the 1700's this is costing tax payers more than the non custodial parents are even able to provide their children. Please help stand up for our rights and show your support. The below is an email sent to our has been over a month with no response to date. We believe in taking care of our children but we know first hand it is hardly possible to do so when you are incarcerated half the year and never able to obtain work because you are starting over and trying to get on your feet every 6 months. 

Could you please explain to me why in the year of 2018 in the state of South Carolina that our family court system claims to value family's as a unit. As such they claim to keep families together or as close as possible, when children are involved. The reason I ask is because how can SC claim these values yet repeatedly incarcerate non paying parents of child support? I have watched my son's family deteriorate so severely that he has not had any contact with his children in almost 4 years. This has been heartbreaking for the children's my son and myself. Each time he is released from his stay with the system he has a little over 3 months to struggle with child support payments, finding employment, as well as maintaining his living condition, health,and mental state. Sadly his ex wife has prevented any visition with his children as well as phone calls, holiday's and family get togethers including Birthdays and even Father's Day. Thats right even Father's Day! He has given up all hope and has quit paying all together. This lead to a downward spiral in his life. I as the grandfather am only allowed to see my grandkids at school functions and at their mothers home.They are not allowed to my home per there mother because their dad lives here. It's just so unjust and unfair. Please tell me how this benefits his children in anyway? The mothers home is not the only family my grandkids have. Please tell. me how this is not unconstitutional ? Where can my son and I find the right legislator or legislation process to help prevent the destruction of other families like ours in the future. Truly this is mental cruelty and a form of cruel and unusual punishment as it has seriously affected my entire family... My son has suffered enough as have my grandkids and myself. There has to be relief in the future for other struggling non-custodial fathers and mothers in similar situations. There has to be changes in this destructive system. The mental anguish that is put upon non custodial inmates and their families is simply inhumane. Could you please bring forth this change to help improve our lives and family alike or put this letter in the hands of someone willing to accept this challenge.
Help us to achieve these changes in these unconstitutional laws.

Thank you for your time, 

Gary Bagwell & Amanda Dixon

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