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Demand Brazilian mayor to implement spaying/neutering campaign

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Dear friends, recently I've visited my hometown, Governador Valadares, in Brazil, only to find this type of depressing scenario on a daily basis. Living in Canada now I know a very different reality. In Brazil, animals are frequently contaminated with a serious illness called leishmaniasis, transmitted by a mosquito. The above is a picture of one of these poor animals, at advanced stage of the disease. Treatment for this disease is expensive, not always effective (depending on how advanced the illness is) and not offered to stray animals, since there is no government funds available for that purpose. There is a vaccine, but it's not being given to stray animals. There is a group of brave local people who are helping as much as possible as well as trying to put pressure on local authorities to implement an effective castration campaign in order to avoid more homeless animals living on the streets as well as the spread of the disease. Since these animals are not being spayed/neutered, stray puppies are born everyday there with a very dangerous future ahead of them and no hope for a safe home and healthy life. Unhealthy, scared animals, looking through garbage for some food are a common sight. Sadly, local authorities, more specifically the mayor Elisa Maria Costa, are not doing much to help change this reality, even though the city has the necessary resources to start an effective castration campaign. Castrating the animals represents a major step in the control of this disease, for animals and humans. Unfortunately, my hometown is not the only one in which this happens and there is a lot of work that must be done. This disease is transmittable to humans and is life threatening, specially to children. The NGO's name is APROBEM, and they need your help. I would like to ask your support by signing this petition, asking the mayor to release available resources to castrate all stray animals living on the streets of Governador Valadares. She will be receiving this request: "Senhora prefeita, pedimos que elabore e execute medidas efetivas para a castração de animais vivendo nas ruas de Governador Valadares, a fim de evitar não somente a transmissão da leishmaniose para estes animais, mas também como medida de prevenção para a saúde da população da cidade. A castração é necessária e evitará a transmissão da doença na região." I appreciate your support! 

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