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Eliminate single-use plastic bags in London

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We want to eliminate single-use plastic bags in London. By signing this petition you're helping us encourage brands to re-direct their advertising spend towards our single-use plastic bag solution.


Right now, our future is a little scary. There is uncertainty where our planet will be in the next 5, 10, 50 years. We're doing what we can - we re-use, we recycle, we 'destraw', yet how much of a difference can one individual make?

We believe that every individual can make a difference. And, by joining together as a team, we can create a future to look forward to. We want to eliminate single-use plastic bags in London. But, to do that, we need your help.

2 million plastic bags are handed out around the world every minute. That’s 3 billion every day and over a trillion every year. This can't carry on and something’s got to change. In the UK alone we used 1.75 billion single-use plastic bags last year. We think that’s 1.75 billion too many.

How can we stop it?

We want to replace single-use plastic bags with premium, recyclable, paper bags. Bags that can be used again. And again. And again.

We have already partnered with 2,000 stores in London who are ready and waiting to replace their single-use plastic bags for our bags. These stores will be able to hand out up to 1 million bags per week. That’s 1 million single-use plastic bags saved from the environment. Every week. We’ll give stores our Bagboard bags completely free of charge. And, instead of paying 5p (soon to be 10p), you’ll get our reusable bags for free too.

We work with independent stores who don’t use branded bags. We replace their bags with our eco-friendly ones, all of which are funded by advertising. The brands that buy the space on our bags are helping us to support a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to single-use plastic. If you like the look of the ad, you can download our app to find out more. Simply hold your phone up to the bag and digitally interact. See unique brand experiences from videos to games or even augmented reality. And, it doesn’t stop there. As a thank you for interacting, brands will then direct money to remove​ even more​ plastic bags from the ocean. So, as a team, we can work to remove plastic bags from circulation all together.

What we need from you?

Because this whole idea needs to be funded by advertising, we need your support to get it going. With London behind us, we can show major brands that people want to see advertising revenue support good causes. Together, funding the removal of single-use plastic bags.

We know the London community is powerful, so let's work together as a team, with brands, to eliminate plastic bags. 

London - single-use is not our bag!