Eliminate $5,500​.​00 Fee to Access Online Oil & Gas Well Records

Eliminate $5,500​.​00 Fee to Access Online Oil & Gas Well Records

July 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Laurie Barr

EDWIN is the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Oil & Gas Well 24/7 online Database. 

Citizens desiring 24/7 remote access to DCNR's online oil and gas well database may subscribe to EDWIN.

The initial subscription fee is $5,000, which covers the software license and initial training on use of the system. An annual maintenance fee of $500 covers technical support and troubleshooting, geologic consultations, and software upgrades and maintenance during the subscription year. 

Pennsylvania taxpayers desiring 24/7 access to DCNR's online O&G well database are required to pay $5500.00.


Oil and gas well records should be available to all Pennsylvania's citizens, not just a select few citizens with the ability to pay DCNR's exorbitant charges.

In the past I have traveled 5 hours from my home in Potter County to the DCNR office in Pittsburgh in order to access the oil and gas well records using the DCNR's computers at the DCNR's Pittsburgh regional office.

Traveling to Pittsburgh to access DCNR's database takes time and paying the cost of gas and hotels would strain my budget. I simply can't afford to pay these costs, eat and pay my bills too.

I was told by the DCNR the reason for these fees is because the DCNR employees scan  O&G well records and then upload them to a cloud managed by a private corporation.

Pennsylvania or the oil and gas industry (or both) need to absorb these costs or upload their records to a more affordable server so online oil and gas well records are accessible to all citizens and not just available to a select few citizens who could afford DCNR's exorbitant subscription fees.

Currently the general public has free 24/7  access to the Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) online oil & gas well database, however these records are a incomplete and filled with erroneous information on oil & gas wells.


We the undersigned demand DCNR stop charging citizens $5,500.00 to access the EDWIN database.



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Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
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