Missouri Lacking Road Safety Laws

Missouri Lacking Road Safety Laws

December 3, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Greer Rosendahl

To improve Road standards by the national safety organization so that Missouri may become safer for all its citizens.

These standards include:

  • Child passengers: Rear-facing through age 2
    Child restraint or booster through age 8
    Children in hot cars law
  • Distracted driving: Total cellphone ban for teens & novice drivers hands-free/hand-held
    Texting ban for all drivers
  • Seat belts: Primary seat belt law
    All occupants and seating positions covered law
    Seat belts on school buses required
  • Speeding: Urban interstate speed limit of 55 mph
    Lower speed limits in school zones
  • Teen Drivers: Night driving restriction 10 p.m. or earlier for 12 months
  • Vulnerable road users: Bicycle helmets required for all young riders
    Requires to stop for pedestrians in uncontrolled walkway or roadway

The standards currently meet by Missouri:

  • Child passengers: Good Samaritan protections for helping unattended children
  • Older Drivers: In-person license renewal required
    State medical review board
  • Speeding: Automated enforcement of speeding or red light cameras
  • Teen Drivers (partially in compliance): Young passenger restriction for 12 months (partial credit for at least 6) Supervised driving a minimum of 50 hours + 10 at night, with no driver’s ed reduction
    (partial credit for at least 40 hours + 10 at night)
  • Vulnerable road users: Motorcycle helmets required

          Missouri drivers have been on unsafe roads for too long and too many lives have been lost because of the lack of road safety laws we ask that theses standards (shown above) are taken into consideration and integrated into our roads. Countless people are hurt by our unsafe roadways because without these laws our roads become even more dangerous for our communities.  


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Signatures: 46Next Goal: 50
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