We pledge to never buy ivory. You create a White House task force on elephants including top-level international diplomacy on ivory with China (POTUS) and make an 'Elephants' #NatureisSpeaking film with significant advertisement in East Asia (CI).

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We pledge to never buy ivory. You create a White House task force on elephants including top-level international diplomacy on ivory with China (POTUS) and make an 'Elephants' #NatureisSpeaking film with significant advertisement in East Asia (CI).

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Save Eles started this petition to POTUS President Barack Obama, the White House, and Conservation International

The elephant crisis is serious.  It's also serious business for organized criminals and illegal wildlife traffickers because of the demand for ivory in East Asia.

It's killing the entire elephant species at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes.  At this rate they will be gone in 10 years. We know you care about this as much as we do.

By signing this #SaveEles petition we are committing to never buy ivory.  We are spending 15 seconds and telling at least 1 person to flip those odds and save elephants before they go extinct in the wild.

People are both the problem and the solution.  We believe if we can reach the hearts and minds of those still buying ivory as soon as possible, we can turn the fate of elephants around.  We want to make it embarrassing for anyone to be seen owning ivory products if these eles are going to stand a chance.  But we're running out of time.

That's where you come in, we petition the creation of a White House task force on elephants including international diplomacy activity between China's Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama to make and promote a government-backed consumer awareness campaign against buying ivory in China.  We applaud the White House strategy on ivory, but we need more. It only focuses on the U.S. contribution to this crisis.  This task force would raise the awareness of the elephant crisis and engage with the country that has the most opportunity to reduce demand now and protect this species.  

Why is this petition aimed at your excellent environmental organization Conservation International? We love your #NatureisSpeaking campaign, where you get very famous people to voice Nature or Oceans or Redwoods or Rainforests.  Really love it.

We are petitioning for you to make an "Elephants/Elephants are Speaking" film in the #NatureisSpeaking series.  And not just make it, but make it in many languages using local celebrities, particularly in Chinese. 

Oh, and did we say just make the film?  Yeah sorry, that's not enough.  We also petition for you to pay or get sponsors to pay for having it advertised all over East Asia.  Because we believe that #NatureisSpeaking is the exact right tone, and an "Elephants are Speaking" campaign could change hearts and minds in the place it matters most.

We don't have access to beautiful elephant footage or famous people or sponsors or ad agencies.  But you do.  We are just thousands of people passionate about #SaveEles and scared at how fast the clock is ticking.

(p.s. So CI....I mean, we don't want to tell you how to do your jobs or anything, but you might consider asking Yao Ming, the giant basketball player from China who also moonlights as a baby elephant whisperer to lend his voice or ask a famous friend.  We know he's working with WildAid and Wildlife Conservation Society is also working on this crisis, but collaboration is key.  It's time we all herd together to fix this now.  

And while we have you here, we were so inspired and pumped by this idea we have a draft script.  It's free for you to use (or not). 

What do you say? Let's do this.

I am the elephant. 

I stand 12 feet high and weigh 15,000 pounds. I am the largest animal that walks on land, but my feet don’t make a sound. 

My ears are shaped like the continent of Africa, a continent on which I have roamed for 55 million years…49 million years longer than when humans crawled out of these forests.

Humans have used me to carry them, to carry their things, to take down my forest.  They have chained me and killed me just for my ivory tusks.  These ivory tusks I use to dig and help me take down trees so I can eat enough food to survive.   

But not all humans.

Some of them find me beloved.  They make movies about me. They write books about me.  They marvel at my size and that my trunk can both carry over 600 pounds and pick up a single blade of grass.  They laugh at my clumsy calfs and swoon when they suck on their trunks just like humans suck their thumb.  They think that because we live the same number of years, that because we live in families our whole lives, because we have conversations with each other humans can’t hear, that because we are self-aware when we look in a mirror….that because we get depressed over loss of a loved one….they think that we are human.  Oh humans.  They get it so wrong.  

But some get it right.

Some people protect the land I need to survive.  Some people sacrifice their life in the thin green line trying to stop poachers from killing me

Some people even tranquilize me and remove my tusks so that poachers won’t kill me.  It doesn’t matter.  The poachers kill anyways.  They are greedy.  They are backed by international criminals.  They kill one of us elephants every 15 minutes.  That’s 22,000 last year.  That means I will be killed in the next 10 years no matter whether the land I live on is protected or not.  I walk quietly through each day with a death sentence.

What will humans do when we no longer survive in the wild?  Will they mourn us?  Will they still cling to their ivory trinkets?  Or will they be embarrassed to own something that led to the extinction of an entire species?)

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This petition had 851 supporters

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