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Stop the Hydro Electric Mega Project in Vilcanota Valley, Peru

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The Peruvian government is proposing a Hydro Electric Mega Project in Vilcanota Valley, Peru, very close to Machu Picchu and on a popular 4 day Inca Trail. This project would reduce the water in the local river, which already has a hydro electric dam on it. They would divert the water through a 14km tunnel bore through a mountain, depositing the water in another valley (residents of this valley are also against the development).

The valley has 7,000 residents, many are farmers and tour guides, and as you can imagine the single road in and out is unpaved and one lane. The project would involve 100's of trucks driving up and down this small gravel mountain road, which was never made to take that sort of traffic, while throwing massive quantities of dust and dirt in the air.

There is another alternative (in addition to stopping all hydro electric projects here, which is not the intent of the residents) which keeps all the water in the valley, uses less disruption to the communities and environment, and is designed by a more reputable company. The government seems determined to force its mega project of the poor people of the Vilcanota Valley in Peru, which would also negatively impact the tourism at Machu Picchu. They have cancelled meetings when it looked like many opposing residents would be there. They have bused in villagers from distant valleys to 'vote' yes to their proposal. They have used the newspapers and radio news stations to suggest the people of the Vilcanota Valley are violent (which they aren't).

We ask your support to publicly ask the Energy Minister, Eleodoro Mayorga Alba, to listen to the people of the Vilcanota Valley, and stop the mega project by ELUZ DEL SUR S.A. Gracias! Follow us on Google Plus: and join our Facebook Group:

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