Stop unethical coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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You might not know this, but coltan (Columbian Tantalum, which is made from Columbite Tantalite) is a precious metal that is used in phones, tablets or anything you are using with a rechargeable battery. The chances are, you have an electrical device that has unethically mined coltan inside of it.

The problem is that unethical coltan mining (Columbian Tantalum) is not OK because children are mining for coltan and getting just eight pence a day.  This adds up to £2.00 a month.The minimum wage in England is £4.35 per hour for under 18-year-olds which should be the same amount of money the DRoC should get.  This is unfair.

To add to this, coltan mining is destroying habitats and animals (specifically mountain gorillas) will die or even worse ...face extinction.  This is a bad situation: animals are in great danger.  Animals like Okapi and mountain gorillas.  Is there any other areas people could find coltan without destroying animal's habitats or ruining people's lives?

Sign this petition to let the electronics companies know that they need to stop unethical coltan mining.