Release The Sims 1 on GOG!

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The first Sims is a game that many of us remember playing in childhood and have fond memories of.

But in our days, it’s quite difficult to legally obtain a full set copy of The Sims for a reasonable price and play it, as its last release was on a disk and well back in the year 2005. And even if somehow you get it or just use your old game disk, it’s often impossible to launch it as the game uses ancient DRM anti-piracy protection that’s broken on modern systems!

So as a loyal Sims fan, I ask you, Electronic Arts/Maxis - to release the first Sims or, to be exact, The Sims Complete Collection, on GOG. Why GOG? Well, it’s because it’s a very popular distribution platform that offers many other old-school games with no DRM, the latter ensuring great compatibility across systems! In fact, Electronic Arts has already released many its titles there, like old SimCity games, which are from Maxis too, for example.

On the GOG itself there are also nearly 10000 requests from players to publish it there:

So clearly, there is already a massive demand for it.

By doing this, you will not only make many Sims fans happy, but you will also raise awareness of The Sims brand, bring back interest in the series to old players and make some buck on your old game (from which you are not profiting at the moment) in the process!