Make Darkspore Offline/Playable and Stop EA From Killing Games

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Darkspore was a pretty good game, but it's biggest flaw: Always online. This always online approach was OK in the early days of Darkspore, but now that EA has closed the servers, no one can play the game at all. There could be some other improvements to the game, but I propose that we get an offline mode for Darkspore so we can at least play the game. This killing of games has to stop. It makes no sense to just stop people from playing a game many people would still enjoy to play. We have seen this happen to different games over the years. We need to stop this and if they don't want to put servers up at least make the game PLAYABLE. It shouldn't take long and EA could even make money from it: people could start buying the game again since you would actually be able to play it. But instead they killed it.