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Fix all the major and "game-stopper" bugs in Crysis 3

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As customers, EA/Crytek are obligated to provide us with an enjoyable and mostly bug-free Crysis multiplayer experience. This did not happen with Crysis 2, where we, the player base, had our trust of EA/Crytek damaged due to their complete lack of support and abandonment of the game -- not only did they stop releasing patches early after the game was released, but they severed all contact will the community and seriously damaged relations with their established core Crysis fan base. Also, they left the game to be overrun by hackers.

When Crysis 3 was released, many former Crysis 2 players were hesitant to buy it because of the above but did instead because it seemed EA/Crytek had changed their ways with things such as regular code and data patches and close contact with the customer base and player community. That was a month ago, until EA/Crytek released code patch 1.4 and data patch G and said that they had no intention of releasing any more patches essentially implying that they were abandoning the game Crysis 2 style and leaving it to the mercy of the hackers. Concurrent to that, many major "game-stopper" bugs still existed and data patch G and code patch 1.4 introduced new issues of their own.

If you are a Crysis 3 player or potential EA customer looking to buy Crysis 3, you owe it to yourself and to the community to demand that EA/Crytek change their ways and not abandon Crysis 3 as they did with Crysis 2 and leave it to the mercy of the hackers.

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