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Electronic Arts (EA): Give us a statement about the status of BFBC2 login servers.

During the last week only people who had standard names like "gamerexample" could login, if you had , . - in it, or had uppercase, or had a space in it, you can't log in.

This could be described as a technical difficulty, but according to a EA customer service employee, EA will release an official statement about this issue on November 1st - the release date of Battlefield 4.

This leads us to the speculation that BFBC2 was shut down on porpuse to make the fans stop play the game and lure the beloved BC2 fanbase to the Battlefield 4, which is a disgusting and unfair move from EA.


Hopefully, EA will respond in an acceptable manner - before Nov. 1st.

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    Andrew Wilson (CEO of EA)

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