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Confirm Star Wars Battlefront Material.

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Today Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE studios revelead a cintematic like trailer for the upcoming launch of Star Wars Battlefront. The game will be launching this November. It seems that EA has already shot down Space battles and the ability to fight in the Clone wars Era. Dont get me wrong im all for the original trilogy. But we all know that EA is going to push these out in DLC content forcing players to spend more money. Frankly people the game has no campaign, no clone wars era, no space battles. Perhaps the space battles arent too important but there should be atleast 1 map featured in space. So here are what we the community demand The game will include the Clone Wars Era for no extra cost free to anyone who buys the game. (With or without pre ordering) There must be a free space battle map included with the clone wars era DLC for free. There needs to be a supported mode that includes A.I battles similar to "Instant action" on Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2. (Included at launch or soon after for free) Were not saying that everything must be here at launch. But we expect all the content above to be available before the 2016 year. Thats plenty of time to get the job done. EA can still charge players for other DLC map packs as they always do. But the above is a must for star wars and needs to be free for all players. Now i know some star wars fans want more. But for now lets make sure we get what we can. This is a simple wishlist. So far i think this is reasonable. So sign this petition today to tell EA and DICE we wont be sheep and buy there game for no reason. Force EA to announce these changes before release day. Join me and tell game companies we are the people who buy there games. So lets make sure there good!

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