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Bring back Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

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To all gamers and Star Wars fans:
I need your help to convince Electronic Arts (EA) to bring back the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) series. To remaster the first two games of the series, and unveil the third title that--for many years-- a lot of fans have been longing for. With your support, we can revive the old game franchise and bring it back to its former glory. For those of you who aren't quite familiar with the series, or want additional reasoning as to why this franchise and petition needs your support, the background and other categories will be listed below:



Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

debuted --by Bioware-- on the Xbox July 15, 2003. It later released for Windows on November 19, 2003 and Mac OS X on September 7, 2004. (Also on Steam too) 

 You play as a crew member of the Endar Spire, a ship that you've been assigned to along with many other Republic crew members on an important mission to protect Bastilla -- a jedi knight with the very unique ability to use battle meditation -- and keep her safe. As the ship was flying near the orbit of the planet of Taris, the ship was ambushed by a Sith battle fleet, and was destroyed. After nearly escaping the destruction of the Endar Spire, you set out to find Bastilla somewhere on the planet of Taris, as the Sith try to hunt down Bastilla as well.

In this game you will travel to many worlds, make choices that affect your story and your path of the force you choose to walk, and discover the secrets of Darth Malak and Darth Revan that will help you to discover other secrets that have long been buried...

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2

debuted -- by Obsidian Entertainment-- on the Xbox December 6, 2004. This title also released later on Windows, Mac OS, etc. (Also on Steam)

You play as a Jedi Outcast who was banished during the Mandalorian wars, who awakens from the medical bay on the Asteroid mine field of Peragus. As you awaken, you will find allies that will help you escape the mysteriously abandoned mining station, and find out why you're here.

In this story that takes place after the events of the first game, you will travel to more worlds on a quest to find yourself and learn more about your own dark past. On this quest, apart from finding yourself, you will discover more of Darth Revan's past, defeat a new Sith threat that stands to destroy the life of the entire galaxy, and return to where the events of this sequel truly began -- the heart of the mandalorian wars -- Malachor V.


My Reasoning

  • Despite the fact that this game deserves a third installment, the story was never truly finished. At the end of the second game, the main protagonist flys off into the galaxy in search of whatever Revan had found that turned him to the dark side. The third game very well could show what it is that Revan had found that set the whole entire story in motion.


  • The first two games need a remaster to not only bring players on the Xbox platform (And if the rights allow it, maybe on Playstation too? *Hint Hint*) who have never played the games before to have a chance to play them and catch up with the story which will lead up to the premiere of the third game.


  • The second game especially needs a release on console. During the development of KOTOR 2, LucasArts pressured Obsidian to release the game before the holidays when the developers still needed more time to finish. So while the frame of the game was done, there was still quite a few things that you can find that were never finished. (Rooms on maps that you couldn't access, a few pieces of the whole story, etc.) Back then there were no game updates to patch the game on the original Xbox, and when Obsidian asked to make a content update to complete the game on the original Xbox 360 that had backwards compatibility, LucasArts declined.


  • The game series was revolutionary for it's time. Back when the first Kotor came out, it was one of the first games to have the mouths of the characters moving while they speak. (Maybe not that impressive today with how games have evolved, but this was a big deal then)


  • Just as you should in alot of RPG games, this game allowed you to make choices that not only affected some of the events in the game and the end results at the very end, but it also affects your standing amongst the force -- whether it be the light side or the dark side.


  • Finally, we can't let the series end at Star Wars the Old Republic. SWTOR is EA's free to play online game that takes place after the events of the first two games. However, the game itself is nothing compared to Knights of the Old Republic. It is not a good game compared to the KOTOR, and if KOTOR 3 is the last game in the series, (if or when it's developed) then this game will be a worthy, closing chapter to the whole series.


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