Electoral Reform in India (ban EVM)

Electoral Reform in India (ban EVM)

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Abdul Ansari started this petition to Smt. Sunita Sekaran (Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat) and

On 20 April 2017, Smt. Sunita Sekaran ji, made a press release on "Rajya Sabha" website about the subject "Electoral Reforms" in which it was written that "The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel,
Public Grievances, Law and Justice headed by Shri Anand Sharma, MP, Rajya
Sabha, is presently examining the subject “Electoral Reforms”. In this process
the Committee may inter-alia examine the functioning of Electronic Voting
Machine (EVM) system and its Up-gradation taking Cognizance of International Experience and Best Practices; Electoral funding; the prevalent as well as the alternative voting systems, etc. The Committee has decided to solicit memoranda thereon within fifteen days of publication of this advertisement."

link: (Copy of press release)

So on the basis of that press release (which was removed from the website perhaps after few hours), we want to thanks Smt. Sunita Sekaran ji...
Now we the common Indian citizens were trying to convince ourselves that the EVM machines are really tamper proof as the ECI repeatedly claim to be so. However, after studying the international experiences and other countries doing away with these machines, Our opinion is that the democracy is put at a great risk for the following reasons.

1.    We do not know / can’t read the EVM codes which are inside machines hence have no clue what they are doing

2.    Even if the codes/EVM programming are made public, we do not have any technical knowledge so can’t understand how these machines run

3.    Even if the VVPAT machines are implemented, they show the slip only for 7 seconds which we doubt how many can read?

4.    VVPAT slips are not counted – so there is no purpose of having such paper slips

5.    If VVPAT slips are made mandatory by the honourable Supreme Court, why do you want to waste our money for such expensive yet POOR system of voting

6.    When people / political parties / elected representatives at large are speaking against a system that has immense value in the democracy, why such system is forced on us?

7.    It is learned that EVMs are capable of printing the slips even after the election results. If that is the case, what about the VOTE SECRACY? Any powerful man can access the EVM slips in serial order and know whom did we vote! Is it not putting our privacy and safety at risk?

8.    Is it said that the ECI and Governments can run any system without having public faith in such system?

9.    There was a research conducted by some Indian, US and Holland scientists in 2010 demonstrating the various attacks on real Indian EVMs.(https://indiaevm.org/). Full technical paper is also available about their research: https://indiaevm.org/evm_tr2010-jul29.pdf

Considering all the above issues, we submit that we do not have any faith in the EVM machines with or without VVPAT system. Hence, we request your office to take subsequent action and work towards inspiring public about the electoral process without which, democracy has no value!
Given a chance, we are ready to appear before your committee for a personal submission of our doubts.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!