Auto Insurance is costly, devise a Michigan Based Insurance Company with affordable rates.

Auto Insurance is costly, devise a Michigan Based Insurance Company with affordable rates.

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Asheirah-ase Shiloh started this petition to Elections and

Michigan, citizens I stand before you with a serious ongoing issue in our State. The problem is the cost of Michigan’s insurance premiums. Simply stated they are not affordable for the average Michigan residence. We complain, yet passively we accept this. Let’s not accept things in which we feel are unfair. Driving is our privilege. We as citizens labor hard and long to acquire our money.  Why should a substantial amount of our check go to auto insurance? At the current moment, auto insurance prices feel like a monopoly. Currently, If we decide not to purchase high-costing insurance and decide to drive our vehicles, we are breaking the law. That means we are becoming criminals in eyes of law enforcement because of our inability or refusal to purchase high costing policies. We need an alternative. We need a state-based Insurance Company with Affordable rates. Rates that the average Michigan citizen can afford. Because of our need, I’ve proposed a Michigan based auto insurance company. This Michigan based auto insurance company would provide affordability and allow more people to drive within the law. The Michigan insurance company will allow a flat affordable rate to all who qualify, so for most individuals, the Michigan based auto insurance company is beyond beneficial.

People, if you believe as I do, that Michigan needs a change, simply sign the petition to support this cause. We live in the state, home to Automotive legend, Henry Ford! Henry Ford’s fame didn’t come from creating the first car; His fame came from producing the first cars affordable to the average earning citizen. His actions has allowed many, the privilege of driving. So now, let us keep his dream alive! let driving, again be affordable within the state of Michigan.


I. The perspective Michigan Auto Insurance Company would grant Michigan drivers both affordability and legality. 

a.      The Insurance policy would cost a flat monthly rate of $75.00 for No-fault minimal coverage and a flat rate of 175.00 for No-Fault Full Accident Coverage.

        1.     The price rate will be the same for both newer and older model vehicles.

          2.     The price rate will not be impacted by the points accumulated on a member’s driving record.

b.     The act of breaking the law would decrease.

          1.     Fewer citizens in impoverished communities would lose their license due to not being able to afford insurance.

           2.     Fewer citizens would have criminalized, arrested, and jailed due to their inability to pay insurance.


II. To become an enrollee of the Michigan Insurance Company, prospective members would have to meet eligibility criteria.

a.     To participate in the perspective Michigan based Auto Insurance policy the does not have to be 18 as long as he or she has a valid license.

b.     All enrollees of the Affordable Michigan based Insurance Company must have a health screening every six months to determine if he/she has any prescription or physical or mental limitation that may affect the ability to drive.

c.      Every perspective and an enrolled member must minimally meet one of the financial or educational qualifications to be in or maintain allowance into the Michigan Based Insurance Company.

         1.     A prospective member could qualify based on the income qualification criteria.  The member may qualify based on their family size, in comparison to their total household resources or based on Michigan’s poverty identification criteria.

         2.     A prospective member could qualify based on the self Sufficiency qualification. The member may qualify based on the self-sufficiency criteria, meaning the member is currently in a government program such as section 8, food assistance, medical insurance, childcare allowance, or cash assistance. or if the member has previously been on any of the listed government programs within the last ten years.

          3.     A prospective member could qualify for enrollment based on hardship or disability. If a prospective member is currently receiving social security benefits due to a disability or supplemental security income, excluding survivor benefits that person is eligible for enrollment. Also, any person receiving temporary unemployment wages is automatically considered.

          4.     A prospective member could qualify for enrollment if that person’s occupation meets the approved list of community amplitude occupations. The approved occupations would be current or retired law enforcement personals, military personals, school teachers, counselors, firefighters, day care employees, builders, construction workers, “City of ” workers, all government employees, and any other profession not listed that is focused to improve its community.


III.           To create the Michigan based Insurance Company, Michigan citizens must demonstrate their support of this proposed action, by signing the petition and by spreading the word of the new initiative. 

In the State of Michigan, car Insurance is not affordable. Despite this fact, it is the law that every driver has Insurance Coverage. If a person is involved in an automobile accident or even pulled over without insurance coverage; that person has committed a crime. At minimal he or she will be convicted of a misdemeanor; more severely even imprisoned.

We, the citizens of Michigan, must sign the petition to devise a Michigan based Insurance Company with affordable premiums. Michigan’s Mayor Mike Duggan even believes the cost of automobile insurance in Michigan is too high and argues that “Michigan citizens are either paying the highest premiums in America or driving illegally” as stated by Oosting, in the Detroit News. Many initiatives have been made to lower insurance, such as attempted lawsuits, bills, and demands but currently, all attempts have proven ineffective, and in vain. Let us now take initiative in forming our own Michigan Based Auto Insurance Company with our own policies that will make having car insurance affordable.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Asheirah Ase Shiloh



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!