Start an investigation regarding the RM of Springfield, Manitoba 2018 Election.

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Hundreds of residents are questioning the way this past 2018 election for the RM of Springfield, Manitoba was run. Although they are not all that dissatisfied with the results, they have found many issues out of the norm compared to our past elections. A lot of the candidates involved are on board with this petition regarding a investigation and possibly a re-election because of the irregularities seen. Questions involve the following issues:

(1). Why people were NOT asked for I.D. even those WITHOUT A VOTING CARD.

(2). Why ballots were NOT numbered.

(3). Why a candidate was allowed to greet residents coming in to pre-vote at the RM office.

(4). Why the pre-voting period was extended for such a long period of time.

(5). Why those pre-voting ballots WERE NOT put in a sealed envelope as stated on the RM website.

(6). Why the ballot box was NOT locked away in the vault every night.

(7). Why an RM employee was in charge of printing the ballots.

These are legitimate concerns along with the Sunrise School Division changing their boundaries without notifying the public leaving 50 votes unaccounted for.