Confirmed victory

Election Day Climate Showdown: Spread Word To Defeat Calif. Prop. 23

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Victory! Prop 23 went down at the polls this Election Day, largely due to a powerful organizing effort that overwhelmed its Big Oil backers. A thanks to members who spread word on the "No on 23" campaign. Read more here.

Since Congress isn't acting to curb climate change, it's now up to the states. So that's where big oil companies are now taking their cash to stall global warming legislation.

A test-case battle is now taking place in California this November. Texas-based oil companies Valero and Tesoro have poured millions into financing Proposition 23, an Election Day ballot measure that would effectively repeal California's landmark 2006 global warming law, known as AB 32. They falsely claim this will help the state's flagging economy. In reality, abandoning the law will only help their profits; Overall, it would kill jobs by crippling the state's emerging clean energy sector. Worse, it would stymie the bill's efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution; Already, the law has has saved thousands of lives.

Don't think this doesn't matter if you don't live in California. If oil companies can buy their way out of new regulations in such a progressive state, that doesn’t bode well for Capitol Hill, where Big Oil employs a small army of lobbyists to maintain their stranglehold on our nation's energy policy.

So how about this. Pledge now to take a stand in this battle. If you live in California, that means you promise to go to the ballot in November and vote "no." No matter where you live, take the pledge to spread the word. Forward this letter or this blog post. Call all of your friends in California and tell them to do the same. Let Californians hear a national chorus calling for a defeat of this measure.

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Election Day Climate Showdown: Spread Word To Defeat Calif. Prop. 23”. Join and 909 supporters today.