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Election Commission Of Pakistan: Voting Rights for Overseas Pakistanis.


According to the constitution of Pakistan, Overseas Pakistanis (OP) have the right to cast their vote. Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP) recognizes this. We have yet to see a protocol being set up so that OP's can vote. Overseas Pakistanis demand that ECP prevents any body of government, institution, individual, or group from blocking OP's constitutional right. We ask ECP to set up a system so that we may exercise our right.
The set up for OP's to vote does not take a long time. There has been voting in the past (i.e. Musharraf's Referendum).
We expect OP's rights not to be violated and for us to be able to cast our votes for Election 2013.
It Is Our Right & We Demand It.

Letter to
CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER Election Commission Of Pakistan.
Supreme Court Cheif Justice Of Pakistan
To Election Commission of Pakistan,
We appreciate your time and effort and will get right to the main point of our request & concern.
As supreme court of Pakistan has given Overseas Pakistanis the right to vote in upcoming general election, Election Commission of Pakistan must ensure that Overseas Pakistanis get a voting protocol set up as soon as possible so that we can vote.
The right to vote for International Diaspora is established in about 115 countries according to a report from 2007 by the Institute of International Democracy and Electoral Assistance. In 2005 Iraq national elections, the country voting program allowed voting in 36 cities and 14 countries through external polling stations. Indonesia, which allows for a mixed procedure of personal, postal, and proxy voting to its expats had a cost of $6 million only in the 2004 general elections.
As seen above, the political climate or the costs of Overseas voting does not deter countries to skip the Overseas ballot altogether. If a country recognizes the value of its expats, they must also give them the right to vote.
There are several ways that can be utilized by the ECP to facilitate the Overseas Voting as highlighted in the link mentioned. In the past, the Overseas Pakistanis have not cared so much about the voting but the times are changing and Pakistanis abroad are more in touch with Pakistan via Satellite Media Channels and Social Media. Furthermore, there is a lot at stake in the next General Elections in Pakistan. The need for the hour is bipartisan support for the Overseas Voting Rights Campaign.
We urge ECP to urgently set up a protocol for Overseas Pakistanis and ensure that our voting constitutional right will not be violated this upcoming general election.
Thank you for you time,
Anxiously awaiting your response.
The Overseas Pakistani Community
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