Bring back Postal Ballots! Stop EVM's! EVM's can be manipulated!

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Electronic Voting Machine or EVM is used in India for all elections including National, State and Local Levels. It is of concern that these machines and technology can be easily manipulated. 

EVMs can be hacked is a threat that has been given not only in India, but in many other countries, which is why a number of them have banned the voting machines.

1. Netherlands banned it for lack of transparency.

2. Ireland, after three years of research worth 51 million pounds, decided to junk EVMs.

3. Germany declared EVMs unconstitutional and banned it.

4. Italy also dropped e-voting since its results could be easily managed.

5. In the United States, California and many other states banned EVMs if they did not have a paper trail.

6. According to a CIA security expert, Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine stopped using EVMs after massive rigging was found.

7. England and France have never used EVMs.

A short look at how EVM can be easily tampered:

 The Election Commission of India demands that EVM's are tamper proof, yet it doesn't allow external agencies to verify its claims. 

Paper Ballot Vote would be time consuming and expensive but it's a necessary. Why vote on a system we the people of India can't trust?