Every Indian with Aadhaar should have an opportunity to vote, irrespective of his location

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India is a huge working population. People who work in cities away from their place of birth, registered vote.

Why cant we have a Aadhaar enabled votiing system. People anywhere in the country get to vote wherever they are from for their city of origin.

When we have portable Phone, Portable Insurance policy as a customer, why is the biggest privilege of any democracy be deprived to its citizens. Vote Portability. Vote from wherever you are.

Visit your nearest polling booth. or log on to a secured portal /App. log in with your Adhaar , get OTP, Vote.

No losing of vote

No Booth capturing

More Indians get opportunity to exercise their rights as voters, specially when they have direct stake in the governance as direct beneficiaries

If NRIs can be given this privilege , in-spite of having no direct benefit. Why can this privilege be extended to every Indian