Election System

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LEAD US FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT - This saying holds true at every point in our life.

But who can be our leaders , our role models?

All of us look up for someone to motivate us either be it our parents, siblings, any relative or any dignitary.
But have we ever thought of any politician as our role model?
May be a few of them….

So the people who are leading our Nation , our State are not even efficient of becoming our role models. How are we letting them lead our Country and our States? How are they representing us all over the world?
Don’t you think first they should be educated and intelligent enough to lead us and our states and country?
We the AAM JANTA have to pass so many competitive exams and interviews to prove ourselves. To prove that we are well Knowledgeable, Educated, Proactive and Efficient enough for a particular Job either it be in the IT Industry, Core Companies, Civil Services or any Government Jobs. We work so hard Day and Night just to get a respectful Job in the society.

Then don’t you think this should be made applicable for the Politicians as well. If we need to prove ourselves to them , then isn’t it their duty to prove themselves to us?
So, do you think there should be a process of selecting our Politicians as well, a written exam followed by a Group Discussion and lastly an Interview?

The applicant can be any Graduate. The selected candidates who crack the interview will then be given the Election Ticket and then the AAM JANTA can select their leaders through Election Voting.

Just imagine the difference between the existing Politicians and the Politicians we will elect through this Procedure. Their Process of Thinking, the idea of developing our Nation, the work of Action and how they can make the big difference.
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