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Elected Officials, Will You #TakeTheTest?

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Students are put under pressure like never before to meet high expectations on Standardized Tests. Not only that, but teachers are held accountable for these tests scores, putting just as much pressure on teachers all over the United States. Ultimately, destroying the true purpose of school and education. Basically, it doesn't matter how much a teacher helped a student go from a struggling reader to a student now never seen without a book in his hand. It doesn't matter that the teacher inspired and motivated the student to want to graduate high school instead of dropping out on her 16th birthday just 2 months away.

All that matters is that students are capable of bubbling in circles based on information that poorly measures the complexity of a human's intelligence. Forget creativity, forget innovation, forget expanding past barriers outside the standards, that would be preposterous to measure such silly things.  


"If you are in a position of power in the education system and think the tests are good and valuable, the theory goes, then you should feel comfortable taking them yourself and sharing how you performed."

Inspired by teacher Will Richardson (@willrich45): "I think we should tweet every Gov. to take his/her state achievement test and publish the results. #takethetest.”

Let's make a difference, let's bring a change.

Sign the Petition asking those officials in power of our education system who show such strong support of Standarized Test to go ahead and  #TakeTheTest.

*And don't forget to Tweet your government officials with #TakeTheTest hashtag!


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