Remove Mike Judge from the Simi Valley City Council

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For years, Simi Valley City Councilmember Mike Judge has publicly posted violent, sexually explicit, and racially-charged images, videos, and messages on Facebook and Twitter. Across all of his social media platforms, Councilmember Judge publicizes women’s nudity, videotaped killings, and violence against black men and women to his hundreds of followers—on a daily basis.

Councilmember Judge’s public posts include:

Simi Valley residents deserve a representative who is principled, professional, and respectful of others.

Since 2013, these explicit posts by Councilmember Judge have been reported by the Los Angeles Times, Ventura County Star (twice), and KCAL9, with no action taken by the other public officials or leaders in Simi Valley. In fact, City Manager Brian Gabler told the LATimes in 2013 that the city cannot regulate Councilmember Judge’s Facebook activity, because “frankly, it’s not a city issue.” Mayor Keith Mashburn has excused Councilmember Judge’s 2020 posts as “goofs” in line with his “sense of humor.”

Simi Valley needs city officials who can handle themselves professionally in the public eye, without repeatedly shying away from personal accountability with excuses—again and again—that they were "just joking." Using your public office to promote violence is not a joking matter.

Councilmember Judge’s reputation as a proponent of violent, sexually-explicit, and racially-charged social media images is an embarrassment to Simi Valley residents.  His explicit social media posts would not clear our SVUSD middle and high school’s standards for online harassment—a 10-year-long city Councilmember should meet a higher standard than that of our K–12 children. Simi Valley has thousands of kind, compassionate community leaders who can step up and perform Councilmember Judge’s job duties with civility, level-headedness, and care.

He has shown us, unapologetically, that he does not care about representing our city with integrity.

Sign this petition to demand that Simi Valley City Council Members Elaine P. Litster, Ruth Luevanos, Dee Dee Cavanaugh, and Keith L. Mashburn, City Manager Brian Gabler, and City Attorney Lonnie J. Eldridge (1) do everything in their power to remove Mike Judge from public office through formal procedures and (2) publicly request his resignation.

After signing, email and call city officials asking for Councilmember Judge’s immediate removal/resignation:

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