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They have tons of animals dying coming from there. My personal experience was a green iguana that died in 6 days from mites. Upon going back to the store the animals were full of mites. These babies are dying and more will continue if we don't do something. As I receive more stories I will add but as of now I have 2 people that their hedgehogs died within a week and a lady whose fish died and made her turtle sick. Another report of dead red tail boa. Granted the shop gave refund but that snakes life can't be refunded. Another dead fish and snake today and yet another dead rtb ...I started this investigation less than 24 hours and I'm almost at 24 animals declared dead. That's one dead animal per hour! Got more emails...a dead chinchilla a dead snake and sick/dying ferret. Please share this link and help me to get signatures. Lovely update everyone I have an interview with the local news station tomorrow about the matter!!!!! Thanks so much to everyone for helping me reach out!!!! I am so greatful to all of you! Gotten more emails of dead animals. Saddest one yet 5 snakes dead in a matter of weeks. Also the news didn't show but that's ok because I recently talked with an ex employee that shed a lot morelight on this story!! Also received quite a few emails on tax evasion. He offers to skip the tax if they pay in cash saying he will cover it which I knew about this already as we were offered it a few times as well. He sweetens the deal saying he will cover the taxes but in reality he writes off the sale as non existent and in return hasn't paid taxes in over 2 years. He's also changed the name of his store 4 times now but the clever con man never puts the business in his or his wife's name. He puts in someone else's. Sadly when he is busted all those people are also going to do jail time with him for tax fraud. Although I don't feel for them because I am sure they know what they are doing but maybe they don't know the severity of the consequences. Anyways I found out the reason his snakes are often dying is because first of all majority of his animals do not come from a reputable breeder but rather one that sells bulk for cheap. He orders a  huge shipment of let's say 50 to 100  ball pythons and receives them on a Friday then Saturday he has a huge mega cheap sale. Customers come and buy a cheap quick 20dollar snake they are thinking is just fine when in reality that snake just got there last night and neither the owner nor the workers has any idea of the condition of that snake nor do they care obviously. He has done this samepractice for years in Georgia and quite possibly Florida as well. He sets up shop  for a while until he feels the fire roasting his nuts and he moves and sets up elsewhere. He keeps changing names and owners to avoid taxes catching up to him. This has gotten a lot farther than I ever even imagined now and I feel a bit over my head but I am determined to try and help those animals. Thank you all for your support!! Please share my petition. Thank you. Another email of another dead turtle after 2 days. Customer tried to go back for a refund and they didn't refund him and had the audacity to say it was his fault! Sad sad story. 

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