Increase penalty for animal abuse in El Paso County

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The number of animal abuse and neglect cases in El Paso County is increasing at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, the penalty for such actions and behaviors isn't. We band together with other local animal advocacy organizations and demand accountability for the aforementioned actions! We call upon the District Attorney (aka DA) Dan May to either charge Brian Halloway with a felonies for each horse that neglected, starved and killed at the location on Slocum Rd. Or to issue a public statement of record with an in depth explanation as to legal action cannot be taken.

Sign today to let the DA, Dan May, know that the citizens of El Paso County and people of Colorado are watching. We won't tolerate animal abuse!


On March 10th, 2019 responding to tips from concerned citizens, El Paso County sheriff's served a warrant at the Holloway residence on Slocum road in eastern El Paso County. Inside a large, recently built barn scattered with expensive equipment, deputies encountered 10 horses on the brink of death from starvation, confined to completely indoor stalls with no access to feed or forage. Even worse, scattered among the numerous empty stalls were two dead horses that recently died miserable, thrashing deaths while their companions looked on. Samples from the deceased horses have been analyzed and the deputies documented the conditions of the horses and then confiscated them and remove them from the premises to a safe location. However, Brian Holloway, the property owner has not been charged with any crimes as of April 19th, 2019. District attorney Dan May's staff is giving different excuses to concerned citizens regarding penalty or lack thereof. Given the lack of severity and either recent appalling abuse cases, we the undersigned are concerned that Holloway may not be punished for this cruelty, and worse yet may be able to own animals and the future and subject them to familiar fate.