We want #OnlyAnuPre reunion in Kasautii Zindegi Kay reboot...at any cost

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We, the fans of #AnuPre have always stayed hooked up to the reboot version of Kasautii Zindegi Kay as we always wanted AnuPre to be united against all evils and circumstances but we experienced them broken and misunderstanding each other during Anurag and Komolika's marriage track.

After Komolika's death, we had hopes of experiencing AnuPre united but almost immediately Mr. Bajaj was introduced in the show and now we are watching Prerna getting married to Bajaj on her marriage day with Anurag. This has hurt the fans and also the culture of our country as here marriages are taking place like any normal events and has left the viewers losing their trust on love, marriage and pregnancy.

We saw Prerna informing Mr. Bajaj of her being pregnant with Anurag's child when the father of the baby isn't even aware of the news! This looks so much fake for the viewers! 

Can't the viewers hope of watching AnuPre unite against all odds and fighting back together, stronger and powerful than making sacrifices by marriage?

Please it's our earnest request to the makers of the show to look into the storyline and modify it according to viewer's choice. We would watch only if the story is reasonable enough to be watched and where all our talented actors get a chance to portray their wonder to their audiences. 

Thanking You.

#AnuPre fandom.