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Kumkumbhagya, known world wide, as an iconic show of the Indian Television, has been recently speculated to have a major leap of 8 years according to online media, leaving the whole fandom in a state of shock. This is a show which is so dearly held close to the hearts of millions across the world for the kind of sensibilities it carries, the captivating chemistry of the leads and the intriguing performances of the artists. When we are just about to see our dearest characters AbhiGya evolving into a beautiful relationship after a long journey with-standing all the hurdles, this news of leap has crippled all our hopes on the show in a moment. You must have already been aware of the rage of protest on Twitter from almost every fan of KKB, requesting the makers to consider dropping this idea of leap. This rumored leap has nullified the expectations of the audience who have waited long enough to see AbhiGya’s life being explored in a whole new level. With an outstanding brilliance of the lead pair, this show has proved to be unique over the past 4 years crossing 1000 episodes with out any leap and it has tremendous scope to continue topping the TRP charts over again, if an interesting plot that connects to the theme of the show “Bhagya” is executed.

We agree that a leap may be necessary for any show at some point but KKB is not ready for it yet. We do not want to see the characters grow old so soon and loose their innocent charm. We want to cherish every bit of our favorite couple AbhiGya and we swear no other show would ever have guts to deliver such a thing. The audience have only seen a fraction of what AbhiGya is and expecting a lot of more of their beautiful moments before the story takes a necessary leap. The whole fandom around the world screams out the same voice that it is not yet the time for a leap, at least till another year. You have an amazing cast that no other show could ever have. Even critics agree to the fact that your lead pair “Shabir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha” is probably the one and only one pair that can effortlessly pull off the show with their sheer brilliance even for another few years without a single leap. There is so much to explore in AbhiGya's life as they have just now came back to each other and haven't even experienced their marital bliss. On the other hand, they have so much to solve in their life already and the audience are not yet ready to accept if few years are snatched away from AbhiGya's life.

Reminding you the words of your story writer Mr. Anil Nagpal, who once said in an interview that he doesn't want his characters AbhiGya to age. If the TRP is the only cause for contemplating on a leap, you are sadly mistaken. A fresh story line with a plot revolving around AbhiGya would just blast the TRP charts in no time and Zee Anmol is a clear example for that. Further, we are very much aware hat no show was successful after taking a leap. Instead, many interesting tracks focusing on Abhigya can be crafted out, for example, on crisis in Abhi’s career, or on a competitor of him who becomes a possessive lover of Pragya, Pragya’s journey into singing, on positive change in Alia and Abhigya's arranging her marriage, an investigative track on Alia, Tanu and Nikhil etc.. Any track with a focus on the marital love of Abhigya would undeniably prove successful, given a beautiful story and gripping screen play. Changing the present track and director is very much welcomed if it adds to a fresh start. We insist the following and we expect us to be heard !

(1) We do not want any leap for another year or at least till the end of 2018. We can deal with anything but stolen years of AbhiGya.

(2) Before the story takes a leap, we want good tracks focusing on Abhigya that would explore different dimensions of AbhiGya’s life.

(3) If there is any leap ever, we want it to be as small as it can be, just a bare minimum of what you need for a fresh start, like maximum 3 years, not more!