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Non-Amish woman steals children from Amish-born woman

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There is no greater heartbreak than that of a parent who is forced to live without their child. This petition is to bring children that were wrongfully ripped from their parents back home reuniting families with their children. Help bring parent’s nightmare to an end. This petition is asking to reunite children with their parents and bring to justice those engaged in wrong doing of Intentional kidnapping, medical kidnapping and child stealing and unlawful child abduction. In majority of cases exposed those committing these crimes use falsified allegations, blackmailing, intimidation and threats to steal children. This petition is to bring parent’s nightmare to an end and bring their children home who were wrongfully taken from the parents. This petition will request the Judge for a review, repeal and dismiss one of the most corrupt cases of intentional kid napping and child abduction. None legal falsified documents, harassment, blackmailing and other felonies were used in the intentional kid napping of 3 young children by DH. DH needs to be stopped and brought to justice she is guilty of all the above crimes. The parent’s plea is to have their children returned home and be left alone from all those involved with these serious crimes. Here is the mother's plea:


" I am a mother of 3 young children who were wrongfully taken in what is considered intentional kid napping. I need your help bringing my children back home.  There is a woman by the name of DH who has had our 2 oldest children for over six years now. In 2009 I, the mother, was involved in a life-threatening wreck that landed me in the hospital. DH at the time was a very close friend and called herself grandma to my children offered to watch and take care of the children while I was in the hospital. Later D used a false non-legal document  in an attempt to get custody of my children. Although D promised it was only guardianship and that she will never keep my children from me. But then she crafted false allegations and not complying with orders is not letting me see my children.  The document "Consent Order" was signed after I was home from the hospital and I was on heavy medication from the bad wreck  SHE HAD ME SIGN THIS DOCUMENT WHEN I WAS UNDER HEAVY MEDICATIONS ;later SHE MADE UP ALL TYPES OF LIES  THAT ARE DOCUMENTED IN MY FILES. And because of all the fabricated lies she had my youngest son also taken from me and placed in foster care through CYS with parents who have since separated. Me and my husband, Rudy Byler, who were born and raised Amish have been trying and trying to bring our children home. The stress and tears have been tremendous and painful. We just want our children at home with us and be left alone from D and all those involved in this multiple felony crime. There is no greater heartbreak than that of a parent who is forced to live without their child. After investigation, it got discovered the document D used to is a non-legal and fraudulent document. Please sign my petition and help me bring our children home. We want our children at home and be left alone. I have vowed I will fight to my last breath for my children. Please every parent out there please help me bring our children home. The tears and pain are a real nightmare.

We hereby kindly request the Judge Nancy Vernon to review, overturn, and close both cases in favor of Elizabeth Ann Byler a.k.a. Elizabeth Mason and her children, the 3 children wrongfully taken from her, and let only let them children be brought home and be reunited with Elizabeth and her husband but also charge and bring to justice DH for all the crimes she is guilty of involving Elizabeth’s children taken from her.


Please everyone please sign and share this petition demanding children to be reunited with their parents. There is no heartache greater than being forced to live without your children whom you love. Help bring parents worst nightmare to and end.




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