Fix the southbound Embarcadero bike lane between Sansome and Battery Streets

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The bike lane on the Embarcadero southbound ends abruptly at Sansome Street, with no warning.  Bike riders are forced into fast-moving traffic, dodging cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles, in order to continue straight.  These conditions are incredibly unsafe!

Going southbound on the Embarcadero between Sansome and Battery, the roadway bike lane abruptly ends with no warning for either people on bikes or for drivers, causing a dangerous condition where bicyclists must dodge car traffic moving 35+ MPH in order to continue straight on the Embarcadero, because the right lane for vehicles turns right onto Battery Street.  This turn is only slight, so cars barely have to slow down to make it, and this is a popular route for both cars and buses from Marin to the Financial District.  During the morning rush hour especially, this situation is literally an accident waiting to happen.

There are several ways that the SFMTA could remedy the situation cheaply, quickly, and easily, including the following:

1. Add a bike box at Sansome and restripe the bike lane between Sansome and Battery so that it remains to the left of the vehicles turning onto Battery for the entire block.

2. Replace the 3rd lane of vehicular traffic that begins about 400 feet before Sansome with a curbside parking lane, and move the bike lane to the left of it.  Leave the last 75 feet or so before Battery as a right turn lane, and make the bike lane there dashed green, similar to the intersections along the southbound Embarcadero south of the Bay Bridge (e.g., at Bryant and at Brannan).

Especially in light of the recent spate of injuries and deaths to pedestrians and cyclists in the City, implementing one of these short-term fixes should be a no-brainer for the SFMTA.  Mayor Lee, we urge you to investigate this situation and push the SFMTA to take these simple steps to keep our streets safe for all road users.

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