NEA Change Endorsement to Bernie Sanders

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NEA President Lily Eskelsen  Garcia just emailed the endorsement of Democratic Candidate for President Joe Biden. This represents a betrayal not only to us as professional educators but also the students, families, and communities we serve everyday. 

We are rank and file NEA members who disagree with this decision and the process to reach it and recommend instead the endorsement of a truly RedForEd and pro working class candidate Bernie Sanders.

While we understand the endorsement processes in place, we do not feel these processes truly represent the values of our professional educators.

The process for endorsement has only about .0001% of members have a say in the NEA's out-dated endorsement process. The Rank and File is with Bernie.

Joe Biden has a known track record of supporting legislation and policy that is harmful to our diverse communities such as segregation in the 70s to authoring the vicious Crime Bill in 1994 and supporting NAFTA. These among others have created chaos and violence of communities of color both in the US and Mexico.

President EskelsenGarcia said that as we face a pandemic we need leadership to face that challenge. We agree, but not Biden who said he’d veto Medicare for All. We NEED Bernie Sanders to face such a challenge.

Therefore, we seek support on this petition for NEA to rescind its endorsement and endorse Bernie Sanders.

It is time to stand for firm political principles and not opportunism. Bernie is the candidate that polls have revealed will routinely beat Trump. 

It is time for Bernie’s Thurgood Marshall Plan. It’s time for Medicare for All. It’s time for a break from establishment candidates who tell Wall Street “things will not change” with a Biden presidency.

We are RedForEd. We are the union. Stand up, fight back!