Better school environment for everyone

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Problematic: Many times the students feel that the treatment they receive in their schools is not the best nor the most appropriate, since their teachers abuse of power and there isn't empathy with the students.

This situations can generate a bad school environment and that going to school for children is torture. It also causes that there are no correct teaching methods and it is much more difficult to learn, because if the teacher does not like me his subject will not either, generating conceptual gaps in the learning processes.

 Solution: In today's society it is important to create a new method of education, which is more fair and equal for all; where students can count on their teachers and vice versa to foster healthy relationships.
It is scientifically proven that a college, university or kinder garden which has trained staff tends to success and to have the best results in tests whether academic, social, sports, etc. but that "training" should not be interpreted only to the conceptual but to the emotional and the need of each individual to share with society and provide something positive. We fully support the equal rights of teachers and their students, new styles of education that are based on more equitable forms and have a clear objective which is to educate all young people to improve the future of the country and raise awareness of that we are all the same regardless of our race, religion, culture or education level.