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Implement as curriculum & admin. policy, a plan to deal with bullying.

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Because bullying can be eradicated and while much of it is learned behavior from the environment an individual is exposed to (in many cases, their own home), the school environment is one of the most comprehensive and logical choices of environments for this to be addressed in. Also, bullying can alter the entire thought process of an individual subjected to it and can cause learning problems and many times even suicide.

The kids who are getting bullied are already struggling with typical school pressures that we have all gone through at one point or another. The peer pressure, the desire to fit in, puberty, the desire for acceptance, etc.. All of that can be traumatizing to a young child. To be possibly struggling with their own sexualities as well and being bullied for it, with seemingly no help available, is about all they can handle. Many times, the only way out  they can see is by ending their life at such a young age. They will never grow up to reach their goals and full potential because no one came to their aid or thought the problem was serious enough to get involved. How many more of these precious kids have to be hurt or even die before this issue is seen as a huge problem?

This petition is the result of the efforts of a large LGBT Advocacy group,


and their dealing with the struggles these youth are having, as well as supporting and dealing with some of the parents of those youth who have ended their life.  One of their esteemed members, EMILY SANZARI (Brooklyn Wade), was instrumental in getting this petition organized, endorsed, and supported by the group.  We thank you Emily from the bottom of our hearts for caring enough to get this action started.

As creator and one of the administrators of the group, I am tired of the needless hurt and even death of individuals subjected to bullying and it is time to come up with an actual plan that is a funded federally mandated plan (inclusive of bullying due to sexual/gender orientation) to implement throughout the entire school system within the United States with a requirement that each school has as a part of their curriculum a special class on the entire aspects of bullying and how it can drastically alter or even end the life of the individual being bullied. Not only a special class, but also an integral part of administration disciplinary policies which makes it an automatic suspension of any student found guilty of any such bullying tactics. - Joe Knudson

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