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Education, Restoration and Rehabilitation

While most states are currently reducing their prison populations, Illinois has added more than 4,000 inmates to its prisons. The problem of prison overcrowding is rooted in decades of tough on crime legislation, the war on drugs, and harsh sentencing practices. These policies have drained Illinois of vital resources, while having only a minimal effect on the crime rate. Today IDOC is one of the state's largest agencies, with a $1 billion budget.

Every year, Corporations spend millions of dollars lobbying legislators to pass laws that pad their pockets - increasing prison sentences, populations and the need for their services.

As a result, The judicial system has enacted predatory policies targeting youth, immigrants and impoverished persons.   Many are often left isolated, some 23-hours a day, some suffer from mental illness, families cannot afford to offer support or aid, many are not afforded adequate education, re-entry programs fall flat or short and so many never given the opportunity or chance to live up to their full potential and to become true assets to society.  

Wealthy and prestigious persons unaffected (directly) by poverty or incarceration will not have the incentive or timely desire to save those harnessed by this problem. Those most affected will have to take the responsibility for saving themselves.  STARVE THE PROBLEM.  FEED THE CURE.

The Vigil for True Justice is a BI-ANNUAL, month-long MORATORIUM during the months of APRIL and NOVEMBER where inmates, family members, tax payers, citizens, victims’ family members and friends Stand cease spending on items with prison-service and good providers that exploit mass incarceration such as Phone Calls by Consolidated and Vending Companies such as Ace Vending.

The Vigil is every year for the months of April and November. By signing the petition, we ask that you PLEDGE participation to abstain from phone use and vending machine purchases at all prison-related vendors.

Partners of the Vigil will subsequently support legislation for goals such as:

Better allocation of funds for effective family services and Restorative Justice for Victims' Families
Meritorious Good Time - HB 3899
Alternative Sentencing
Electronic Home Monitoring
Step Down Programs for Re-Entry
Job Placement Programs for Ex-Offenders
Travel and Phone relief for Family Members                                                                  More reasonable communication pricing                                                                Adequate in-house diet to diminish health concerns.

Please let us all join together and send a message that we will not continue to fund a broken system. We want incarceration to work as intended by the constitution. To promote public safety and restore useful citizenship.


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