Teach Computer Science in our Schools

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India deserves to be a leader in Computer Science education, yet today most of our schools don't teach even fundamentals of Computer Science. In the era of Robots, AI, AR and VR, we are producing workforce that only knows how to use and interact with technology based products while the situation is different in developed nations. There, the students from early age are learning and creating products and technology that is going to lead the future. The true fact about our Indian education system is that instead of focusing on STEM, we are converting the schooling education in isolated subjects teaching only instead of as an integrated curriculum.

What if a student who had started taking foundation classes Grade 5 onwards, gets selected in IIT or any reputed institute with Grade 12 itself?

Will IIT offer STEM education skills which were missed during schooling?

There is a concern of teaching subjects in isolation instead of as an integrated curriculum and perceived lack of qualified candidates for high-tech jobs. Students who start taking foundation classes of some specialized subjects lack the basic understanding and the necessary skills required to produce workforce with deep technical and personal skills. Graduate degree will offer only more advanced curriculum to study. We are lagging in right schooling education day by day. It is not a positive sign for development of our youth. Solving real-world problem is the objective of STEM education.

India needs a broader, coordinated strategy for STEM education in schools. That strategy should address the need to prepare literates addressing the grand challenges of the 21st century. We have to put efforts to produce major improvements in the education we are providing. Computer Science should be given utmost importance because of the role it plays at multiple levels of society. It is impossible to find a part of economy that does not, in some way, utilizes or interacts with computers. Computer Science is essential to our school education system and hence we are striving to build a stronger curriculum around this subject.

We request CEOs, Governors, Educators and Education Leaders to join us for bringing a revolution in our Education System. We are expecting our Government and Schools to support the teaching of Computer Science in every school – for our children, and for their future.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Equipping them with right kind of skills in education shall invariably lead to well-groomed students and society. We are in the digital era where it is not possible to compete without having strong STEM skills. As in STEM, all the jobs are either in the field of ‘Technology’ or moving on ‘Technology’. Therefore, we must ensure to add Technology Skills in our young generation and it not just enough to provide them only the basic knowledge of subjects. We truly require creators for the development of our nation and to compete in this technology era.

 Technology is transforming everything in our society at an unprecedented rate whether it is a smartphone, social network, self-driving car or anything else. Nothing embodies India so much as the opportunity to change or reinvent the world with technology. Participating in this world requires access to the Computer Science in our schools. 
Supporting this idea is sweeping our nation. More than 90% parents want their child to have access to Computer Science education in schools, and teachers do agree. They know the importance of it and we know that technology can open doors for them - the doors to exciting opportunities and bright career aspects.

The sad truth is that one out of twenty schools is offering basic Computer Science education and rest barely offer. This is the 21st century where everything is transforming on daily basis. This is an era of technology skills. Our schools must take the responsibility to give opportunity to all students to understand how this technology is working and driving the society. They should learn how to become a creator, coder, and maker — not just a user. Instead of the basic skill that is increasingly available only to a lucky few, leaving behind most students particularly girls, it should be available to all equally.

How will it be possible to have our citizens across the Globe as the leaders? If we can use computer, the Internet, e-commerce, social networking, and smartphone then why can’t we become the creators?

Not only does Computer Science provide every student foundation knowledge, it also leads to the highest-paying, fastest-growing jobs. Whether a student aspires to be a software engineer, or just wants all-rounded education in today’s changing world, access to Computer Science in schools is an economic imperative for our nation to remain competitive.