Enforce “Self-defense” and respect for opposite sex in schools as a mandatory subject

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Violence against women and girls is a problem of pandemic proportions. 26 crimes against women are reported every hour, or one complaint every two minutes, reveals an IndiaSpend analysis based on the last decade’s data.

One more Victim... A small 08 years old girl from J&K... Kidnapped, tortured, raped and then killed..

A 15-year-old girl missing since she left home for tuition last week, was found dead at Haryana's Jind on Saturday with 19 severe injuries to her body and signs of unspeakable torture.

In another case with an 11 years old victim, a man who is a distant relative of the girl, allegedly inserted a wooden object into her private parts. As per the complaint given to the police the accused had not raped the girl, but assaulted her in a brutal manner.

That’s why I have started this petition asking the Education Minister to direct all the state and central schools, to introduce a "Self-defense" program  as a mandatory subject in schools to  fight gender-based violence by teaching both girls and boys how to respect and protect one another – and the initiative would result in sexual assault rates to fall.

Lessons should range from physical self-defense, to the concepts of body integrity and consent, to the simple method of repeatedly shouting “NO” to shock would-be attackers and alert bystanders of assault.

In addition, boys to be taught how to discard their gender-based stereotypes and how to recognize and intervene in attempted sexual assaults. The boys should take defending their peers to heart, with a large majority of their interventions to successfully stop attacks in their tracks.

As long as we don't introduce such topics in our education system, it will be impossible to break the stereotypes in our society.

I want this to be enforced in order to make our women independent, to have strong spirit to defend themselves.

Schools like Calcutta Girls' and Apeejay encourage their students to take self-defense lessons, which are offered as an extra-curricular activity.

But just introducing it as an extra-curricular the violence against women is not going to be solved. This is an organized crime. We have to curb the demand by incorporating self-defense in our education system.

Join me in this fight and let’s join hands to introduce self-defense program as a mandatory subject in schools.