Revise the Equivalence Of O/A level grades

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  1. Revision of equivalence would equalize the opportunities of getting admission in different professional universities for both Matric/FSc and O/A level students as they are all equally important and fundamental future assets of Pakistan. 
  2. Matric/FSc students have opportunity to secure marks up to 95-97% that is not possible for O/A level students despite their immense hard work especially because of undefined syllabus books and completely unseen papers. As this system awards a maximum score of A* which IBCC takes equal to 90%. Moreover, most of the entry tests are almost completely based on Matric/FSc syllabus that further reduces the chances for the O/A level students to compete with equality against the Matric/FSc students. 
  3. It takes O/A level students at the bottom of the merit list for admission in any renowned and high ranking universities of Pakistan as the merit rises greatly every year. For example, closing merit of government Medical Colleges was 91.4773% last year that closed the doors of entry for O/A level students.
  4. If students are not rewarded for their immense hard work, it leads to frustration which takes a toll on their mental health. It also gives the students a feeling of lack of ownership by their beloved homeland.
  5. As Mr. Shafqat Mahmood has shown his great concern for O/A level students by providing fair grades in June 2020 CIE examinations, therefore we hope and request him to revise the IBCC equivalence of O/A level grades which has not been done for the last many years. The percentage of each grade should be revised and increased. For example, A* should be taken equal to 95% at the least.

    We hope for a positive response from our responsible and competent concerned authorities.