leniency in correction of papers and justice to students

leniency in correction of papers and justice to students

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Started by Eric Antony

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This petition is like a voice of all the students who recently wrote their class 12 examinations. It was predominantly seen that the papers where exceptionally hard and lenghty, and some questions where out of syllabus.

Both the English and the Mathematics papers were extremely hard. Most children hope on these subject to increase their overall percentage, but the way paper went, these papers will reduce the overall percentage.

This is a really bad news for the CBSE students. Class 12 examinations are one of the most important exams in a student's life, they play a vital role in college/university admissions. When we the CBSE students compete with ICSE, Matriculation, State board or foreign students we will be in a great disadvantage.

It is also predominantly seen that the ICSE and state board papers were very easy, unlike CBSE which were extremely hard.

Keeping exams this hard is not going to do any good and just cause a state of melancholy among the students and also reduce are chance of succeeding when competing with other students

Hope this sums up the feelings of all the students and reaches the necessary authorities and a change takes place.

Thanks to everyone for signing the petition 

                                                    -A fellow student-



410 have signed. Let’s get to 500!