K’taka, MP & Maha Govts PLEASE REVOKE Primary school online education ban

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In the past week, we have heard from over thousands of disgruntled parents, teachers and students on how they felt the approach of banning online classes for students of Kindergarten to Grade 5 was premature and uncalled for. Instead of using an inclusive approach and analyzing the situation from all stakeholder’s points of view, the Karnataka government decided to apply a blanket ban that has left a large number of parents with a child to keep engaged through the day and most importantly, students with little to no active learning time. 

We have reached out to professionals in the field of Mental health especially leading psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors to help us with a holistic approach to this issue instead of a ban and here are some of their recommendations, please refer to the link below to see all the recommendations shared by several more Mental Health professionals. 

All recommendations are at this link

Ayesha Dastagir

Designation: School Psychologist & Psychology Educator

Recommendations for schools: I think English and Math classes need to be afloat as these are the years where cognitive development occurs predominantly, it is important that children get at least 2 hours a day of planned organized work where they are establishing and enhancing core concepts ne it of language or logical reasoning (math). I think the school's can send out an email to all parents with a form stating if online sessions work for them or not, if not reason it. Once that's done the school can prepare certain worksheets and give this (only to the few parents) maintaining social distancing norms.

Monika Umakantha

Designation: MPhil Scholar (Clinical psychology)

Recommendations for schools: A ban is not the solution. A balance of academics along with schools can ask the child and the family to do some new activities everyday, learn a new life skill everyday for example. 

With completion of every activity, the class teacher can have a whatsapp group with parents where all kids upload their videos/ photos of doing that activity. This can motivate other children and family, maintain discipline, and teachers can show appreciation for the same on the same platform. 

Lalpeki Ralte

Designation: Consultant Therapist (Independent) 

Recommendations for schools: Make the school hours more activity driven, focus more on asynchronous learning (teacher logs in for a few minutes, gives instructions then leaves and logs back 15 to 20 minutes before class ends to check on students work). Give them more projects to do at home which would require either parents getting involved with their son/daughters learning. 

Sheetal Shah

Designation: Counsellor

Recommendations for schools: 

- Encourage students and their families to establish screen time rules, in collaboration with each other, for the whole family

- Create an Online learning policy which shares details of how the online learning plan will work at a grade wise level. When parents and students know what to expect, it makes it easier for them to understand the workings of something new

- Ensure that learning expectations of various subjects are modified to be made more reasonable, keeping in mind the changes in circumstances and that students might not be able to immediately have their doubts clarified

- Keep a good balance of academic and non-academic tasks to cater to other crucial aspects of students' learning (social-emotional, physical activity, artistic and creative activities, to name a few)

- Online learning times tables should be created in a way that it encourages regular and consistent breaks from screen time

These recommendations are a good start for the government to consider while designing a plan for our primary school students. It is our children’s right to education and their future that is dependent on the government’s decision. This is a great opportunity for the government to collaborate with the technology sector in helping bridge the gap by providing devices for the less privileged sector in our society. 

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to tell the Government of Karnataka that our primary students are waiting to start their learning online again.