Cancellation of on-campus examination

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COVID 19 is major concern of the world because of the lives of the individuals whom are living around the world have been disturbed, interrupted, changed. The economy all over the world is impacted due to COVID 19, and even if the virus is eliminated it will leave a great impact on the world. The world will struggle for months, if not years, to get back to normal. Due to this there is a constant fear developing in individuals, not just of getting effected by the virus but also of the fear that other family members can be affected by it. Keeping this concern in minds most of the countries have cancelled there examination or conduction of online examination is in process, as can be seen by the decision which HITEC and other majority institutes made. The Government has also made a decision of extending lockdown till 1st February but some of the institutes such as AU,NDU etc are conducting on campus exams before this date. Hence it is requested to government to ensure that it's decision is followed throughout the country and conduct online exams so spread of covid can be stopped. Respected authorities should not allow the conduction of on-campus exams under these stressful times to give a mental stress relief as it will be hard for parents to send kids in crowded institutions during this wave.


COVID 19 is a very serious issue, students can't give online exams in such a stressful environment or in such a scenario.

where as exams of HITEC,COMSATS(infact majority) are been conducted online, are our lives precious or not?

Health is wealth.

Please help us students in signing a petition against conduction of on-campus exams in Pakistan in such crucial time, I myself am suffering from COVID along with my family. Furthermore, we are not protesting keeping current situation in mind.


Leave this thing that anything's going to happen or not, we must try our best.... just sign and forward to all your contacts�

#stayhome #staysafe



Aoun Naqvi