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Education for Responsibility!!

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The problem of abused and neglected companion animals is alarming. With few arrests/convictions being made in even the most high profile of cases, it is sending the wrong message to others that this behavior is ‘OK’. Furthermore, it draws negative national attention and costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year to support lengthy trials and care/impoundment of animals held for evidence. These costs are in addition to the millions spent to support shelters and animal control facilities as they deal with overpopulation issues. 

Currently, these issues are all being dealt with downstream and we feel an extreme and urgent need to tackle the source of the problem –lack of education in the school system regarding animal welfare issues. We strongly believe that age-appropriate education would greatly amend the issues.

The curriculum would address such issues as:

*how to identify and report abuse

*how to adopt a shelter/rescue pet

*how to integrate your new family member

*how to help other animals in need in the community

Positive education at a young age will ultimately change the mindset of future generations on how companion animals are treated in our society. Without this, we will continue to see the same patterns of abuse,neglect and overpopulation with no end in sight.

Education for Responsibility!

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