American Sign Language taught in all elementary schools.

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Hi my name is Emma Waters and I’m 7 year olds and in second grade. Two years ago I was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss after my baby sister was born also with hearing loss. When I first got my hearing aids they improved so many new sounds it was amazing! I could hear a lot of things much better. After having them for two years now, I’m realizing that I still have a hard time hearing my teachers, my friends, and just things around me. I wish my friends could communicate with me when it’s too loud to hear. It makes me really really sad. No one in my family really knew  sign language but we are learning together. It’s very hard for children who don’t have families to help them learn. Every child should learn sign language especially if they are hard of hearing like me.

Even for children who don’t have hearing loss sign language can help them communicate. They will have another form to express their feelings and builds better communication skills and would help with behaviors. It can help with spelling and vocabulary. If you use sign language students have to look at you and pay attention to everything.

We already do things like songs and dances why not sign when we dance instead of silly movements we could do signs instead. I want this changed before my baby sister goes to school. I don’t want her to feel sad. Nothing will change unless someone changes it. I’m going to change it. 

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