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Educate2End Puppy Mills Pledge


Animal Rescue Corps believes that anyone can help bring an end to puppy mills by educating themselves and others on the cruel realities suffered by puppy mill dogs, and how companion animal adoption from shelters or rescues is the only humane choice.  Please pledge to join Animal Rescue Corps and educate2end puppy mills.

Educate2End Puppy Mills Pledge:

I will take the simple steps I can to educate myself and others in order to help bring an end to cruel puppy mills.

1. Sign the pledge below.

2.  Raise awareness by sharing the above ARC End Puppy Mills PSA and other ARC videos that focus on the problem of puppy mills.

3.  Visit for more information, resources and tools to help.

4.  Educate your legislative representatives on the local, state and federal level about puppy mills and support legislative efforts to strengthen laws for all animals.

5.  Join Animal Rescue Corps for campaign updates here

You have the power to end puppy mills. Educate2End. Thank you!

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