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Educate others about domestic human trafficking


Most people have heard of human trafficking, but they don't know that it occurs in their own state. Even many government officials and law enforcement professionals aren't aware of this issue that takes place in our own backyards.

Part of this is due to ignorance and some of it is blamed on the fact that prostitution is still considered, by many, to be a victimless crime. Human trafficking often lurks behind prostitution, gangs, drug dealers and other organized and non-organized crime.

Educate your friends and family:
1. Refer them to the Barnaba Institute Website, especially the FAQs page
2. Invite them to support the Barnaba Institute on

We must come together as a society and speak the truth. Hiding behind ignorance and falsities will only compound the daily suffering of hundreds of thousands of American girls, boys and young adults who are exploited and trafficked every day, here in America.

Please invite others to take action. Thank you for your commitment!

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