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Stop the co-locations of charter schools in D15 Brooklyn and citywide!


The DOE has proposed to put a charter school in D15, to be co-located with two high schools and a District 75 program. Charter co-locations are hurting our children and undermining the progress of our NYC  public schools.   They enroll fewer high needs students, drain resources and space from our schools and receive more in per pupil public funding .  They cause our schools to lose art rooms, science labs, libraries and dedicated space for students with disabilities to receive their mandated services.

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Please stop the co-locations of charter schools in D15 and citywide!

We object to any charter co-locations in District 15 . The Success Academy chain of charters is well known for having unacceptably high rates of teacher and student attrition, and has been documented for pushing out high-needs students. When the proposed Cobble Hill Success charter school was originally authorized by SUNY, the school was supposed to be placed in D13 or D14, so that the D15 community was never given notice or a chance to provide input, as required by state law. We find its proposed co-location with Brooklyn School for Global Studies particularly reprehensible, given that Global Studies is a "transformation” school, and the city has received federal funds with the promise to focus on strengthening and supporting the school rather than undermining it. According to the DOE’s Educational Impact Statement and Building Utilization Plan, this charter co-location would lead to the building to be overcrowded at 108 percent, and Global Studies would lose 11 full-size rooms and five half size rooms, with no loss of population, while the School for International Studies would lose 16 full size rooms.

More broadly, our opposition to all charter co-locations is based on the following facts: charter schools drain resources and space from our public schools, while enrolling fewer English language learners and students with disabilities. According to the Independent Budget Office, co-located charter schools receive more per student in public funding than our district public schools, which is highly inequitable. Throughout the city, co-located charters have led to more overcrowding, with the loss of classroom space as well as schools being divested of art rooms, science labs, libraries, and dedicated spaces in which students with disabilities can receive their mandated services. Co-locations contribute to increasing class sizes and significantly damage the quality of education our public school students receive. Finally, the proliferation of charters has caused hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to be diverted into private hands, with inadequate oversight and more potential for waste, fraud and abuse.

Sincerely yours,

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