Justice for the police shooting death of Chantel moore

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The police officer who shot Chantel Moore was on a call to do a welfare/wellness check on Chantel, its absolutely incomprehensible that she ended up being killed by the person who was sent to make sure she was ok!!  This cop and police everywhere  still seem to think they are above the law!

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I'll admit we dont know all the facts to this case but  we know she was shot 5 times!

NOBODY knows all the facts as Chantel's voice has been taken and police arent even including Chantel's family in the investigation. We know enough to be outraged by the systemic profiling of 1st Nations people and other minorities in Canada by the police.

To add insult to this tragedy, during an interview on the news one of the police was seen snickering on camera after being asked how many times Chantel was shot.

I dont care how hostile someone is, if you are sent to check on the wellbeing of someone and you hear or see them and they are angry or upset you STEP AWAY AND CALL YOUR SUPERIOR OFFICER or a negotiator or just step away!! This wasnt a criminal matter! I would like to see this knife she apparently charged the officer with! I have led a " colorful life" and in my younger years I was confronted by a female with a knife and at 19 years old I dissarmed her, with no formal training or pepper spray, taser, gun or vest! 

From what I've learned its apparent to me that this "officer" let his ego take over as can be the case with this type of cop, there was no way he was gonna  back down (remember he was only there on a wellness check!) This is the mentality of too many officers and its ruining the reputation of all police officers. 

I'm calling  for this officer to be fired and charged with a criminal offence! I'm also wanting them to release the cops name who shot her!

I will leave it up to crown on what those charges are but I cannot stand by while police kill those that are vulnerable and whom they are meant to protect and serve! 

To the family of Chantel, my heart goes out to you and I'm standing with you...we are standing with you!


My name is Michael Baker , anyone interested in more information or in support services in Metro Vancouver email me ie(housing, counseling,women only shelters) michaelbaker.lifegateway@gmail.com 

This is the Edmunston police email:     police@edmundston.ca   

This is the crown prosecutor email:   PPS-info@gnb.ca